About Us

So you are here searching about who we are and what we want to do and what is our future goal.

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So explaining in simple words, this website has been started to help people to get job where they are their own boss.

The time you thought to quit can be the last stage of your struggle

We collect various data from different places and present all the necessary information required to start your own business.

We are in the mission to teach people how they can earn money using online and offline resources. All you have to do is to follow the guidelines and necessary topics required.

We write on different niche like earning money with youtube, earning money with facebook, online jobs without investment, starting your own shop to earn money,best skills required a good job etc.

Our main focus is to remove joblessness and 9-5 boring cultural jobs.

We get our life only once and it is you who decides whether to live it fully or waste in a few inches cubicle of our office.



I am Pawan Lakhera. I am a Software Developer cum Entrepreneur by profession and has keen interest in finding alternate sources of income.


From my childhood I have keen interest in earning money. As I group up I found myself in the same route people were going on like going to college ,getting job and working from 9-5 for a company and I found myself stuck as I know that time that I am walking in a path where I cannot achieve my dreams which I have dreamt of.

So in search of my path which can help me in achieve my dream In the year 2016 I started my own company but it didn’t not work well and the company got closed within a few months.

That time I got the feeling that there is nothing I can do to achieve my dream.

But one deep voice in my body was calling to give it another shot. So this time I came up with this website. I found many of my colleagues who have also started their own ventures but failed.

So I researched everywhere and got to the conclusion that most of the plans fails either due to improper strategy or due to incomplete information.

I here tried to gather all the required information to start your business either online or offline. You will get plenty of ideas which you can use to start earning money either online or offline.

I believe that if you work hard to achieve something in your life than it does not matter how hard is it to achieve it , you will surely get that. All you need is full dedication to achieve your goal.