Earn Money with Your Instagram Account

Earn Money with Instagram Account
Earn Money with Instagram Account

Earning money from the internet is the easiest in today’s world, which was never before, today if you are surfing the internet and know how to run the internet a bit and You are active on Facebook,WhatsApp and Instagram then you can make money from everywhere. You must have a question that Is there a trick? So Friends Let me tell you anyone can start earning Online if they follow simple tips and Tricks. Today I will show you a very easy way through which you can earn very good money on the Internet.

How to earn money through instagram?

To earn Online money with instagram, you just have to create your account on Instagram and if you are a girl then it is very good for you because you will get good number of followers very fastly, just you have to shoot photos in different style and upload them on Instagram everyday.

The photos have to be liked by their followers Then if your followers become in lakhs and in a few days, then you can contact companies and take sponsorship from them, now how will you earn here?

Talking about earning, Instagram is not going to give you any money, you have to earn money by yourself and through followers, which is very easy, Suppose if you have a follower base of 1000000, then if you promote a product then Out of that only 10% conversion rate comes and out of 10% conversion rate, only 1% people buy this product.

10% of 100000 is made 100 i.e. if you are getting ₹ 100 from one person, then from 100 people you will get ₹ 10000, this is just to make you understand the actual rates may differ. There is no work to be done by this, the conversion rate is much higher than this and this conversion rate is 10% or more if your followers are above 10 lakhs. So you can earn at least ₹ 10000 to ₹ 100000 per day.

Promote your business, products or services

Now that you have Instagram and a product and the services of your own, you can earn a lot of money by selling these services. All you have to do is find sponsorship that can sell your services and that too you can find very easily.

Because many influencers keep searching for marketers who have a large subscriber base on the Internet.

So even here you don’t have to worry about anything

Sell Your tips and tricks

If you have good subscribers on Instagram you can become a motivational speaker or a consultant and can consult people about someone else’s product and can charge a lot of money from them.

Sell your instagram account

This is a bonus tips, if you have more than one Instagram account with more than one lakh followers base, then you can sell your account for good money.

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