Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Down

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram are down from 9:15 PM IST on 4th of October today in most of the areas of the world.

There is no words from Facebook about when the sites will be up but the officials told the media that the team is working on the issue and will fix it as soon as possible. The Team also mentioned that it is not a DDOS attack and it is something which the team is still trying to fix.

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The unexpected down of the services has disrupted many important services around the world. Facebook’s Antigone Davis was live on CNBCdefending the company over a whistleblower’s accusations and its handling of research data suggesting Instagram is harmful to teens, the company’s entire network of services suddenly went offline.

Facebook communication executive “Andy Stone” on Twitter says that we are aware that people are facing issues in using the company’s product and services and team is working hard to fix the issues as soon as possible. For the time Facebook apologize for any inconvenience.

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The Instagram.com is showing 5xx Server Error message while Facebook site is showing the site can’t be reached. On Whatsapp and Instagram people are unable to send message and load new content. This problem also affected their virtual Reality Arm, Oculus. Users can load games they already have installed and the browser works, but social features or installing new games does not.

We will update this article with more information when it’s available.

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