Free SEO Tools to boost your Website Ranking

best Free Seo tools

In this post we will discuss about some of the Free SEO Tools to boost your Website Ranking.

The word SEO – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is not only a word but it is something which drives the whole web.

It has been found in the Google reports that about 70% of traffic never goes to the Google Search list second page. It is like E-commerce company loosing around 80% of their profit.

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If your website is ranking at the top of the google search for some keyword than it is likely that it will be visited around 99% of the time.

While most of the SEO tools are paid and ask you for a credit card even before registeration thanks to God there are few SEO tools which are free or which offer plenty of features in their freemium account.

Here’s my list of 9 such tools:-

1. Google Search Console ( website performance analysis tool )

It is one among the best SEO tool available for free by Google.

It cost nothing but a Google Account for integrating your website with the Search Console.

It will help you to analyse the performance of your website on various parameters like keyword search,keyword impress, organic click vs inorganic click for each and every web page of your website.

It also help you to find out whether your webpage is indexed by google or not.

2. Google Analytics ( website analysis tool )

It is another good tool for SEO provided by Google for free.

Its offers huge functionality like tracking website traffic on various filters like audience age group,sex,locations, operating system etc.

It also shows you about direct and indirect traffic.

Moreover its mobile application is one of the best mobile application to track real time website status.

It also only requires a Google account.

3. Ubersuggest ( keyword research tool )

It is one among the best freemium tools for keyword research. You can use this tools without any registeration or account setup.

You can also opt for their SEO tips subscription. It provides very useful and working tips to boost your online ranking.

4. OnPageChamp ( on-page SEO analysis )

It is a tool which is used to analyse your website’s onpage SEO and shows its impact on your search rankings.

This tools can also help you to track your competitors website ranking for any keyword.

You can check this website for all your on-page SEO tasks.

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It requires Registeration before using this Tool.

5. Keyword Everywhere (keyword research tool )

This tools is available as an extension for Google and Firebox browsers which shows the volume of each keyword you search on the spot.

All this needs a registeration and activation of the plugin at the browsers and you are good to go.

You can search for any keyword on Google and find out the volume of search for that keyword.

This can help you in plan your keyword for your blog or post.

6. GTMetrix ( page speed optimization tool )

We all know that page speed of a website directly affects your website ranking on Search Engine.

The average time taken to render a website is 3 second and if your website is at risk of loosing traffic.

It has been found in the analytics report that about 65% of the users close the website if it is taking time to load the content.

This tool can help you analyse your page speed and can point out the areas which is affecting your website speed so that you can work on that.

It uses a combination of Google Page Speed Insights and YSlow Insights to churn out the scores.

It doesn’t require any account registeration.

7. Yoast ( for on-page SEO optimization )

If you have used WordPress for your website development then you must have heard about the Yoast SEO plugin.

It is one of the best plugin for WordPress that can analyse your content on the basis of focus keywords you entered and therefore you can check how well your content is optimized.

It requires registeration before use. It has both free and Paid plans available.

8. LSI Graph ( to discover LSI keywords )

An important SEO tool that provides you with LSI keywords for the focus keyword you entered.

LSi keywords are those keywords that are used in close proximation to the target keyword.

LSI keywords are a must have today, given how RankBrain works.

Doesn’t require any account or registration, but curtails the number of searches that can be made.

9. TinyPNG ( image optimization )

We al know that website loading speed is directly proportional to your website traffic. It is one among the important factors for increasing traffic on your website.

We know that if a website contains a lot of images than it will take time to load as all the images will be loaded at the client side. If any of your image is big enough then it will affect your website loading time. So to tackle this issue this is a good tool. It can help your compress your image size so that you can easily save space on your web account and also your page loading speed can increase.

It doesn’t require any account registeration.

I hope you have liked this post about Free SEO Tools to boost your Website Ranking.

If you have any doubts then feel free to ask in the comment section.


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