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Hello Everyone if you are a new Blogger and are looking for some Blogging hacks to Earn Passive income online then you are at the right place.

High Content Traffic
High Content Traffic

I helped beginning bloggers with passive income through affiliate marketing and starting their blog off on the right foot. Today I will provide you 11 hacks that you can apply to your blogging to get started on the right foot.

11 blogging hacks that you can use or you can apply to take your blogging to the next level and again this is primarily for beginning bloggers but veteran bloggers or old bloggers can find success to.

1. Use dictation software

If you have a long commute, if you work long hours, if you aren’t able to physically type use dictation software like Google Docs has a dictation there are different types of dictation software that you can purchase even in some smartphones you can actually dictate to a notepad but if you can’t physically be at a computer laptop or if you can’t blog from your smartphone use dictation software to help you. Make notes to formulate an outline to do everything that you can do to help you become more efficient with your time when you do not have time to access computer so that’s number one use dictation software.

2. Use an outline

One of the challenges that I’mseeing bloggers. fellow bloggers have is that they don’t know what to write. that often times comes from poor planning not thinking through their content maybe they found a keyword and they just want to get going.

If you make an outline and this sounds really basic but if you make a outline it’ll be much easier for you to write faster and to get your content up just think about it like this your outline is as simple as the title can be. Obviously the title and then each bullet point can be your headings and your subheadings.

Doing that will help you just fill in your missing information and it’ll help get your word count also it’ll make your writing much faster. So if you’ve never done that before check out some of the tools that are online with creating an outline.

But definitely create an outline to make writing much much faster so that was number two use an outline number.

3. Use the Google suite of free

I will call them word equivalent software. So Google has Google Docs ,they have Google sheets, they have a PowerPoint equivalent. I Idefinitely recommend you using this software because it’s an online software.

You can use it anywhere where you have internet connection it syncs with your phone, it syncs with your laptop, your desktop. If you have a work computer it syncs with that as well and that’s great for making notes for yourself, that’s great for if you find a keyword or if you have this great idea.

Not only can use it for dictation you can also make notes. I have probably four or five different Google sheets that are out there with tons of informational things that I’m thinking about blog ideas and so on. But if you use Google’s the Google suite of word equivalent software it should definitely help you with your blogging download down the road that will help with someof those other things that I mentioned so definitely use the Google suite if.possible.

4. Listen to podcasts and or read blogs that are in your niche

The reason why you want to do that is so that you can actually generate different ideas about your niche, where to take it, different topics to write on.

It will ll also help you find gaps in the the niche that you’re working. For example let’s say you’re in the the speaker niche. I’ve got a speaker here so we’ll go with that. You may find that people are talking about speakers at a very high level when in reality most consumers are looking for basic information or basic low level information.

That could be your way in or you may find that the the markets are very saturated and you might want to pivot to something else but you definitely don’t want to become a silo you want to consume the content so that you can actually contribute to the the Internet and you can find holes in the market and like I said you can also find where you are your niche is going. So definately listen to podcasts and read blog posts in your niche.

5. Outsource writing

The reason why you want to do that is there are a few reasons honestly that the more content you have up, the more quality content you have up on your site the higher chances for success if you write everything yourself and you can obviously it will take longer but if you find someone that you know like and trust and they provide quality work it can actually upscale your blog post.

In your business you can scale it much quicker. Also you can get a feel for how other people are writing regarding your needs. You want to review that content you definitely want to make edits as needed but it’s also good to see how other people are approaching it. You may be approaching your niche or your topics that you found you may be approaching it from an expert level whereas it really needs a very basic or foundational writing style.

So definitely outsource some writing obviously it might not be possible if you are just starting out and you have limited funds but if you can definitely look at outsourcing some of the writing.

6. Make Youtube videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine and so making youtube videos in your niche and then pointing them back to your website can help you grow your channel in reality. You want to use social media in general to help point things back to your website but using so using YouTube specifically can scale your business much faster. For example let’s say you create a blogpost on recommended product you then may want to create a YouTube video on recommended products and then point it back to your website the same holds true for a niche.

So let’s say you’re in doing speakers again you may want to do a few YouTube videos around a specific type of speakers and then just make sure that you can always pointing them back for more information on all things speakers go back to my website. And so again people will have a greater opportunity to find you. There are different ways to record YouTube videos even if you do not have if you’re camera shy well actually you can do a complete video without ever showing your face so that’s an option as well.

7. Play the long game

Now basically what I mean by this is when you’re blogging it’s going to take time for you to find some success. Generally your blog posts won’t reach the highest level. It won’t plateau for nine months so you have to go in expecting or anticipating that you are not going to be or most likely you’re not going to become a millionaire or a thousand-aire or make a ton of money from your blog posts right away.

One way that help boost or help accelerate that is using other other mediums such as YouTube or different types of social media but just know that if you’re blogging it’s going to take a while and that’s fine . Basically what the search engines are doing is they’re comparing your content versus the content that’s already there and so as long as you’re writing good-quality content, you’re confident in your work just know that eventually you will find some success. You may not find success or long-term success for two years but you just have to keep plugging away and and find little successes in order to contribute to that overall long term success.

8. Look for short Term goals

One thing that great bloggers have been really good at is creating short-term benchmarks. For you to measure yourself on so that you can find those little successes if you don’t do that if you don’t find a little successes on increasing organic search or people buying a product here and there you’re going to probably quit, you’re gonna give up and you’re going to say this is too hard. Make sure you play the long game.

9. You want to create a writing schedule

Ideally you starting out you probably want to write four times a week it’s very important in the beginning to get content out there but you don’t want to get so much content out that you get burnt out quickly. I actually made this mistake I got up about 75,000 words and 45 days and by I would say 60,000 words I was completely burnt out and I wanted to quit. So you want to make sure that you’re writing content but you’re pacing yourself so that you have the same energy and same same success at the end that you do at the beginning. So make sure that you created writing schedule in the beginning. You want to get up some content probably four times a week as you have more blog posts you might want to scale that back to two or three times a week it really all depends on your niche what you’re writing options so definitely consider creating a schedule and sticking to that schedule.

10. You should talk about your blog

You should talk about your blog to anyone that will listen. Talk about it offline, talk about it to your friends, your family they’re a great source of information because again maybe you’re too close to the niche where someone will ask a basic question that you haven’t considered or thought of . So if you’re just having general conversation mention hey I’m writing a blog on speakers and they will for sure come up with one or two questions that you have not thought of. So definitely talk to your friends and family it’s also a good release because quite honestly if you’re writing especially if you’re writing by yourself it can be a quite lonely experience. It’s very individual for the most part, if you’re doing blog posts you’re writing by yourself so definitely talk talking over with friends and family they’ll give you a couple of ideas for research maybe they’ll even help you pivot your website of your niche so that that’s another one talk about it with friends and faith.

11. Use the Five W’s and How

I think the most important thing people overlook all the time is when you’re writing for your blog when you approach your website use the five W’s and How.

Who what when where why and how when you are creating content so you want to think about who is your audience, what do they want to know ,where can they find this information ,where you finding this information, why is this information important and how to get this information or how old they should expect it it’s.

When you write with the five W’s usually you’re answering all of the the basic questions that someone may have on a topic so for example let’s say with a stick of gum you are writing a topic and you’re writing a topic on the length of gum so you might want to say you’re your original question to be what is the length of the gum then you want to approach it who what when where why how we already know what the what is why is the length of gum important how has the length of gum changed over time what are what’s what are the dimensions of the gum so you just really want to approach your blogpost in this manner so that you can answer every question you can.

It also help you stay on topic so think about whenever you’re writing a blog post you found your keyword or you found your topic always do a quick who what when where why how check to make sure you have all of your bases covered. So once again with stick gum what are the dimensions who came up with these dimensions how long have these dimensions been around well when have the dimensions change are the dimensions standard across all sticks of gum these are different questions that you can ask to help you stay on topic with your blogpost so five W;s of money.

12. Stop OverThinking

This is going to sound very very negative but you’re probably overthinking it. One thing when you start off with something new and when you’re anticipating making passive income from it it’s very very easy to overthink every aspect of it. Sometimes it’s just easy to sit down and write it or sit down and type submit and walk away. If you spend time over thinking it you will spend too much time poring over content and not enough time creating new content so stop overthinking your blog posts, write them read them over once don’t read them over more than twice because for every minute you’re spending poring over that one post could be a minute that you’re spending not contributing or not creating a YouTube video or Pinterest pan or doing those other things that you want to do to get your blog to take off so stop overthinking it when it comes to the post. Obviously there are caveats to that but in general a lot of people especially when starting off they are spending too much time thinking about a post and that even goes true for domain names they want to pick the don’t make perfect domain name when in reality that’s not that big of a deal as long as in the general vicinity think about some of the biggest name domain names out there. They really don’t have a great correlation to the products and services that they’re selling so stop overthinking it.

13. Make the blog reflect your personality

This is important especially early on because if your blog is something or someone that you’re not it’ll be very easy for your audience to see that if you are trying to be funny or trying to be witty and you’re not normally funny or witty don’t try to be funny or witty in these blog posts because as I mentioned readers will see right through that and they will you won’t come off as authentic people will not come to your site if you are a dry person and you picture dry topic it’s okay to be dry as long as you are true to who you are who you have always been that is the most important part when you’re creating a blog you do obviously want to add in some some brevity occasionally. But if you’re not the witty person don’t try and be witty in your blog it’s just not gonna work the next one and this is a huge one you want to keep creating content until you succeed and again succeeding can be anything, it can be getting to a hundred organic views it can be making a hundred dollars because once you have made the success that you’ve defined for yourself that will give you the energy to keep creating content. One of the overriding issues with blogs and bloggers and content creators in general as they give up too soon they could be right at the doorstep of success but then they they wind up. You know I’m never going to succeed so what I recommend is that you keep creating content until you succeed

14. Take Time to Refresh Yourself

Basically what I mean by that is don’t spend every waking moment worrying about this blog. Take some downtime for yourself . One of the mistakes that I made I mentioned this early on was I wanted writing seventy five thousand words in like 45 days and I got completely burned out. You want to make sure that you are taking at least one day and not doing not doing any writing you may want to do a little bit of research but it’s okay. If you don’t write every single day as long as you’re doing something for your blog I would say every day maybe taking one day off at most that’s fine.

Now this again this is a beginner information or beginner suggestions as you become more veteran or as you become older with the writing or at the blog post you’ll find out what’s right for you ,you’ll know that you may need to take off every other day when it comes to creating content but when you’re starting off and this is most important because you’re excited you want to see the millions of dollars that are going to come from creating this blog, you still want to take a few at least one day a week for yourself where you’re not writing so take it offline from time to time. The blog will still be there the traffic will still be there you know your health your well-being is just as important so those were my 14 hack for new bloggers.

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