how to become an Advanced Programmer

how to be a developer in 21st century

Curiosity makes a developer, If you are curious about things, If you are giving time to learn about how to create instead of how to code, then you are already a developer or and advance programmer. In this post we will learn the tips and tricks on “how to become Advanced programmer” so stay on and fasten your seat belts to go on a journey where you will be transferred from a normal coder to advance programmer.

The definition of a advance programmer was tweaked due to lots of channels creating ambiguity between a Programmer and a Advance Programmer. Advance Programmer can be a good Programmer, but vice-versa is not always true.

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There are some keys points or dots that need to be connected to become an Advanced Programmer.

Advance Programmer Life Always Revolves Around Why and How

Why things are being created and how they are being created, Advance Programmer’s always focused on what and how things can be created to solve a particular problem.

Learning Phase for Advance Programmers is Like Never Ending

They always learn from their past experiences. The only thing of Advance programmer makes them a Advance is their consistency and dedication they put along their learning period.

The first attempt of doing any project by any developer does not go perfectly ever. Things cannot be perfectly done till the time you have experienced it on your own, Even if things are working perfectly fine.

Things are not said to be perfect till the time you are not aware from each and every side of it

How to Get Started? From Where to Start?

These kinds of question arise when someone wants to start. These question can be answered only when you will decide what are the goals you want to achieve. Goals do not mean lifelong goals, It is all about the short-term goal that you want to achieve in a particular time of span.

A Advance Programmer must have patience this is one of the gems of a developer Because there can be lot’s of situations or almost every part where developer get stuck when they start or moving towards achieving their goals, As I mentioned earlier Developer life is never so easy or there is nothing which can be learned overnight.

A developer must not hate the errors and bugs, These are the main players from which a developer learn the most. The more errors you face more experience you gain

If coal doesn’t bear the pressure, then it will never become a diamond

In developer’s life, It’s like the more you learn the curiosity of learning more will arises, again and again. It’s like a never-ending process.

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