How to Create a Website for Free and Earn Money

Earn Money with Blogs

Hi, Everyone we are back with our new post. We have been receiving constant request from our followers to write about about how to create a website for free and earn money with it.

So we look for all the best possible ways to create a create a website for free and earn money. After looking for a while we came to the conclusion that the best possible ways to create a website for free and earn money are 3 of the following :

000webhost, blogger, WordPress

All these websites allow you to create your website with their subdomain.

How to Generate Traffic for a Website

For example, WordPress allows you to create a website with the subdomain

These websites are easy to make and you do not have to pay even a penny for creating the websites.

Moreover, you can also apply for the AdSense for these websites and if your websites are generating good traffic then you can earn good income from these websites.

70+ Free SEO and Analytics Tools

After using all these websites for a while we found that Google Blogger is the best among all the above websites for creating a free website and generating income from it.

If you are creating a website with Google Blogger than you will get the subdomain for your website. So your website url would look like

Also since Google Blogger and Google AdSense are the product of the same company hence it is easy to integrate Google AdSense with your Google Blogger websites.

I have created this demo website using Google Blogger: .

How To create a free Website using Google Blogger and Earn money

For creating a website with Google Blogger all you need is a Google Account( Google follows the policy – One Account for All) and now a days it is common that everyone has a gmail or youtube account.

Now, Visit the Domain or Search for Google Blogger in Google.

Sign in on the Blogger Website.

Now you will see the following like screen.

Now on the left side corner you will see the option for creating a new blog.

Click the option…..

Now choose the title and the address of the Blog you are creating and the theme you want to use…

Choose the address and title wisely as it affects the Seo of the blog.

After selecting the Domain and Title wisely click the Create Blog button.

Now your new Blog is ready. Now at the top you will see all the option to create a new Post.

In the left side bar you will get all the options like Stats, Comments, Earning etc.

Now in the Stats you can see how your blog is performing once it gets good hits you can apply for adsense in this blog.

In the upcoming Blog I will teach you how to apply for Google Adsense with a Google blog and earn money.

Stay tuned.

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