How can I earn money from ClixSense in India

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I received many emails from my followers, (most of them are from India) all of them asking me which is the best scam free online job to sign up for? So here I am with this post which will tell you about How can I earn money from ClixSense in India.

I started researching it and finally replied – “Clixsense” Yes this is the best PTC website to earn good money online without any investment.

Why Choose ClixSense ?

  1. Zero investment, free to all.
  2. Best PTC website with highest payout rates.
  3.  Ideal for the people of India.
  4. No scam. Most reliable online jobs absolutely scam free.

How much we can earn from Clixsense in India?

How much we can earn from Clixsense in India?

There is no doubt that many people made thousands of dollars from the ClixSense program, but I want to make one thing clear that the earnings of ClixSense depends on how many surveys you are doing per day.

And most surveys are geographically targeted. If you are from the western country, you will get more priority and excellent pay per survey, on the other hand, there is less payment in the eastern country, but according to the economy of the eastern country, the payment will be enough at your sponsored time.

As my article is dedicated to my Indian people, I can suggest that any Indian people have a good understanding of skills and marketing knowledge, who can earn more than $ 150 (Rs 10,000) per month.

Can we join Clixsense for free?

Clixsense is free for everyone. Check out Make Money Taking Surveys, Earn Free Cash Online, Paid Per Click Advertising for more information.

Importance: Clixsense is banned in some countries such as Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Niger and Vietnam.

How to get payment from CLIXSENSE

First click here to sign up ClixSense for a free payment.

Clixsense will send you a verification code to your email address. Verify your account and update your preferences such as address, contact details, security questions.

Finally came the payment option: You can easily pay with Clixsense by updating your PayPal account or even payment, Net Teller.

I always recommend using a Skrill or Payoneer account to receive payments from Clixsense.

* PayPal is no longer an option for transactions in Clixsense *

How can I earn money using Clixsense?

How can I earn money using Clixsense?

ClixSense has 6 different ways to earn money. I have all the explanations with a complete guide on how cleverly you can make more money by saving your time.

By Viewing Ads

You can earn $ 0.001 to $ 0.02 on each ad, it takes less than 5 seconds (average) to see an ad. ClixSense regularly updates new ads in your dashboard. So it takes 5-10 minutes of your daily time to fully see all the ads available in your ClixSense account. Viewing ads on ClixSense is the best and easiest way to earn the most money.

So I recommend you sign in to your account regularly and watch all your advertisements in full. In the beginning, you might be disappointed to see that the payment is only $ 0.001 on the ad view. But don’t give up as time passes and ClixSense detects your activity and effort, which will start you getting $ 0.2 per ad view, maybe it takes up to 30 seconds to see those ads.

By Survey

You can earn $ 0.59 to $ 1.25 per survey. Each survey can take 9 minutes to 25 minutes, depending on the volume of the survey. But don’t be afraid to think about time, if any survey takes a long time, ClixSense will pay you more for it. Surveys are very simple and will ask you simple questions like your date of birth, age, education etc., so I would advise you to visit your ClixSense account regularly and complete all available advertisements to get more surveys from different company.

The survey on ClixSense is meant to collect real data for business growth and future planning, I always recommend providing you with the appropriate data so that the offering company also gets some good business opportunities, after all, ClixSense makes our payments Survey makes company because some business opportunities are available, in your opinion, therefore every survey should be good.

By Different Offers:

ClixSense offers to earn money by downloading different apps such as free apps, attractive offers or paying on other subscriptions. Maybe this gives you a lot of promotional offers, but you can see $ 0.001 to $ 0.02 per offer. So if you do not like to see a lot of promotional offers or emails or unsolicited newspapers in your email, then I recommend you to use another third party email address or simply avoid this monetized part of ClixSense . Everything is on you!

By Completing Task

You can make unlimited money with the convenience of ClixSense functions. Its power by CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing service that enables you to work on smaller tasks giving you the opportunity to earn some extra cash. On the top right side you can see the work option. Just click on it and complete the task one by one.

Playing CLIXGRID Games

Are you a game lover? , You can now get paid up to $ 10 by playing a game on ClixSense. Click ClixGrid from your account’s dashboard and play the game. You can see a larger image in the grid view, there will be 30X20 = ​​600 blocks to select, just click on any block to start playing your game. You will be redirected in a new 10 seconds. Long ads and ClixSense show you the results when you see the ads.

If you win then you will own $ 10. Here I want to clarify one thing that when you click on clixgrid then play a game. Now you can see that there will be 600 grids, only one fortune grid can win you $ 10. That means to find lucky You may have clicked on the entire 600 grid. So before playing a clixgrid game set your mind to watch 600 ads. I have tried 100 grids and later I quit the game.

By Using ClixSenseSearch is owned by ClixSense. Whenever you sing on ClixSense you will be able to log in to by entering the same password.

After login to, you will need to update your account information. There will be some mind-blowing online surveys, similar to ClixSense. You can process them and make more money.

Can I earn sufficient from Clixsense to pay all my bills?

As I have already mentioned, Clixsense payment is better on Western countries. So Indian people can only work as part time jobs here. If you have really good skills on content marketing and affiliate magic then you can start a blog and tell people about clicksense. In addition, you can upgrade your plan to a premium account to get maximum revenue from your visual ads and surveys.

Clixsense Premium Account

If you are serious about Clixsense then go for a premium account otherwise if you want to do only part time work then choose a normal account.

I hope reading above post will clear all your doubts about “How can I earn money from ClixSense in India”.

If you have any query feel free to comment in the comment section.


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