How to Earn money using TikTok from Home


In this blog we will tell you about how you can use TIKTOK to earn money from home and just by making small videos from your phone. So read the complete blog and find out how you can use TIKTOK to earn money from Home.

Who does not like to earn money while working from home? I believe No one.

And when you got to earn money without any hardwork and with just shooting small video clips from your phone camera then who will say no.

So today in this blog we will talk about one such platform “TIKTOK” which is now a days very common in Indian market and many people have their account in this platform.

So the question arises that “Can we use this platforms like Youtube, Facebook etc to earn Money from Home ? ” .

The short answer for this question is “YES”.


You need to follow the below steps to earn money using TIKTOK :

1. Create a unique TIKTOK profile and start creating videos on a particular theme like comedy, music, entertainment etc. Try to get a large amount of followers.

2. Try to engage your audience by including trending songs, topics etc in your videos.

3. You can link your Youtube and Instagram Account with your TIKTOK Account. This will help you to generate more audience for your TIKTOK account.

To Link your Youtube account with TIKTOK navigate to Profile Tab on TIKTOK and click Edit Profile and then Tab Add Youtube option.

To Link your Instagram account with TIKTOK navigate to Profile Tab on TIKTOK and click Edit Profile and then Tab Add Instagram option.


4. Your main motive is to generate a large amount of Organic Traffic. For those who does not know what is organic Traffic let me tell you Organic Traffic is something which is due to searching and not by direct link.

5. You can use hashtags and captions to increase search ratings for your videos.

6. Once you start getting decent followers then many brands will themselves contact you to promote their content. This is called as “Affiliate Marketing”. Many people makes thousands of rupees using this technique.

7. Moreover if you have your own product then you can also advertise it in your videos.

Famous Tiktokers who are earning Online from Tiktok

1. Loren Gray- $180,000/post

She is an American singer and social media personality from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. She has 42.2 million TikTok followers, 19.1 million Instagram followers, and 3.73 million YouTube subscribers as of March 2020.

2. Baby Ariel – $150,000/post

Ariel Rebecca Martin, known professionally as Baby Ariel, is an American social media personality, singer and actress, known for her videos on the social media platform She is also known for starring in the Disney movie Zombies 2. She has around 30 million followers on Tiktok.

3. Zach King – $140,000/post

Zachary Michael King is an American Vine and TikTok star, filmmaker and YouTube personality based in Los Angeles. He is mostly known for his “magic vines”, which are six-second videos digitally edited to look as if he is doing magic which he calls as “digital sleight of hand”. He has around 38 million Tiktok followers.

4. Riyaz Aly – $125,000/post

Riyaz Aly is an Indian actor, influencer, fashion blogger and tik-tok star. He is primarily known for posting his lip-sync videos on popular app Tik-Tok. Born on 14 September 2003, he completed his schooling from Shri Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala (SHMD) School in Jaigaon, Bhutan. He has around 25 million followers.

5. Kristen Hancher – $115,000/post

Kristen Hancher is an actress, known for Misshaps (2017), The Pain of Painting (2017) and Sitting in the 80’s (2019).

She has around 25 million followers. Like others tiktokers she has also started her journey from Musical.y . She makes videos on dancing,singing,fashion,beauty and relationship.

6. Gil Croes – $110,000/post

Originally a star, he has garnered upwards of 23 million followers on TikTok. The Aruban model, actor, and influencer also shares a YouTube channel called CroesBros with his brother, Jayden Croes.

7. Nisha Guragain: $105,000/post

Nisha Guragain is an India Tiktok star who began her career on, like many others. She has more than 24 million followers on the platform and is known for making videos on Bollywood dubbed songs. She went viral after uploading a famous lip-sync video.

8. Jacob Sartorius – $105,000/post

He is an American singer and internet personality, who rose to fame via social media from posting comedic videos on Vine and lip-syncing videos on and TikTok. In 2016, he released his debut single “Sweatshirt”, which reached a peak of 90 on the Hot 100 chart in the United States.

9. Awez Darbar: $100,000/post

Like a few others on this list, he is also a famous TikToker based in India who has over 22 million followers. He’s a choreographer and dancer, known for his dances and funny videos on TikTok.

10. Jiffpomm – $100000/post

Arguably the cutest TikToker among the riches, she has more than 20 million followers. The adorable Pomeranian works as an animal actor, in addition to appearing in hilarious TikTok videos.

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