How to earn through Adsense in a Hindi Blog

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In this post we will discuss about the way to earn through Adsense in a Hindi Blog. Read the entire post and find out how you can monetize your hindi blogs.

In the year 2008 Google removed Hindi from its Adsense supporting languages which give a shock to many Hindi bloggers out there who were earning good amount from their blogs.

But now Google has again included Hindi in its Adsense supporting language list which brings joy among the Hindi bloggers out there.

It will be a motivating factors for all the Hindi bloggers out there as well as for the upcoming writers who wants to write in Hindi and earn from it.

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Earlier you were not able to monetize site with Adsense in a Hindi blogs but the wait is over and now Google will support Adsense in the Hindi Blogs as well. Cheers for Hindi bloggers !!!!!

Many of my Hindi Blogging friends ask me this question on quora that whether Google Adsense is supported in Hindi Blog as they have faced issues previously.

So this post is an answer to all those Hindi bloggers who were not sure that whether Google Adsense supports Hindi Blogging or not.

Why Google stopped Adsense support in Hindi Blogs ?

So let me tell you the story behind why Google stopped support for Adsense in Hindi blogs and websites.

Before 2008 Google was supporting Hindi Adsense but in around 2008 Google suddenly stopped support for Adsense in Hindi blogs and websites which came as a shock for most of the Hindi bloggers out there as suddenly there source of income get stopped.

So what exactly happened ? Why Google removed the support for Hindi websites ?

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The main reason is every company is out there to earn money and the some part of the money is paid to the employees as their salary. If a company is earning good then it will pay its employees high and it is earning low the employees will be paid less.

But if the company is at loss ( money or customers) there is a chance that the employee gets fired.

The same was the case with Google. Google earns it money from the advertisers and the money earned from advertisers is then given to website owners who displayed ads on their websites.

Google is paid not only to show ads but the clicks on ads. But it was found that there was negligible or very low click through rate on Hindi websites which means Google was not earning good in Hindi blogs and that’s why Google decided to stop support for Adsense in Hindi Blogs.

Why Google is supporting Hindi Adsense again?

I think it is mainly due to two reasons :

With the ever increasing Indian market and lots of indian internet consumers as compared to 2008 Google may have decided to give it a second try. In comparison to 2008 now there is a large number of internet users who knows hindi.

Also India is one of the largest market in the global. A large number of peoples are searching Hindi content online day by day which made Google to think twice again to support Adsense support in Hindi blogs and websits.

Also the present Government is focusing more on digital India and also with the decreasing charges for the Internet are a supporting factors for a large amount of Hindi Users out there.

Another reason might be Google wants to test the Hindi market again and wants to check whether it can be profitable after 8 years of gap or not.

Can Hindi Bloggers Earn with Adsense ?

Now since Google has started supporting Adsense support in Hindi blogs and websites, Hindi bloggers out there can start earning using Google Adsense.

Manytimes a users has two websites in Hindi and English both. And if he uses adsense in both with the same account then there were chances that Google may found policy violation for placing ads on Hindi blogs and can block the adsense account of the user.

Now website owners can confidently place adsense code in both Hindi and English websites.

This has happened to some of my friends. But now there is no fear.

Will Hindi Bloggers earn more?

How much you earns mainly depends on the content of your websites. There are several Hindi websites which are earning quite good than many of the websites in English.

One of my friend has a website in Hindi which is earning around 1.5 lakh per month. All that is because the traffic on his websites is quite high.

So it does not depend on whether you are writing in Hindi or English or any other language if your content is good,people are loving it and you are getting good traffic then surely you can earn good amount in Hindi blogs as well.

If you have a hindi blog and you are already earning from it then please share your experience with the other bloggers by commenting below.

I hope reading above post all your doubts on How to earn through Adsense in a Hindi Blog are clear.

In case you have any doubt then feel free to comment in the comment section.


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