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With the number of websites increasing day by day the work of browser to rank the website has also increased. In this post we will discuss and find out how to generate traffic for a website.

Previously there were only few websites on the internet on a particular topic but now you will find thousands of websites on a single topic.

Due to this the Google and other browsers are constantly changing their algorithms to rank the websites. We cannot rely only on the browser and the old SEO techniques to rank our website.

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And with the increasing number of websites with similar SEO old techniques it is now required to follow some different approach to increase traffic on our website along with the new SEO techniques.

We are going to discuss all those techniques which can help you to increase traffic on your website and blogs.

Write Irresistible Headlines

This is one of the approach modern websites use to increase traffic on their respective websites.

People are now more concerned for the sensitive issues. If they see any headlines on any particular sensitive headline they are gonna surely open that link.

You have surely witnessed it with yourself also that most of us would open any headline related to rivers pollution issue and other sensitive issues whenever we found them on social platforms.

Start Using Quora

It is modern days one of the best approach for increasing the traffic on your website.

Believe it or not many peoples are generating about 100+ views per day on their websites from Quora.

All you have to do is to write answers on the topic relating to your website and then give a link at the bottom of the answer and ask user to click that link and find more details.

Start Using Instagram for Promotion

Instagram is another hot platform to increase traffic on any website. It is also the second largest social platform after facebook.

You will find lakhs of people online and sharing their content on this platform.

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You can also create campaigns on different topic on this platform.

Many bloggers used it as a first tool for marketing their blogs.

Write Guest Post

Another such approach to increase traffic on your website is by writing Guest post on a website with high traffic.

It will surely gonna increase traffic to your websites.

Allow Guest Post

It is another approach to increase traffic on your website. All you have to do is to allow Guest posting on your website.

Ask peoples to write blogs for your website and in return you will provide the backlink to their website.

Linkedin Sharing

LinkedIn has over 575+ million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. Of those LinkedIn users who are engaging with the platform monthly, 40% access it on a daily basis.

This platform can surely be used for increasing traffic on your websites if your websites domain relates to Job & Education.

Writing Internally Linked Article

Writing article is an art and one has mastery on that art knows how to take a user from point A to point B.

If you have that mastery you can link your different pages which can increase your traffic to your website when only one your article gets higher ranking.

This is the technique which most of the modern websites developers used to generate traffic internally.

Focus on the Speed of your Website

If your websites sucks at loading then you will probably loose around 50% of the visitors to your websites.

More over Google will itself mark your website with negative grade for slow website loading.

Try to increase the loading speed of your website by asynchronously loading the media files and other blocking scripts.

You can check your website speed here….

This website is designed by Google and will help you know the areas which are responsible for slow website speed.

I hope the above post will surely help you in How to generate traffic for a website.

If you have any query then feel free to comment in the comment section below.


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