How to get Adsense Approval Quickly

Google Adsense Quick Approval

Now a days starting your own website is quite easy due to which number of websites on the internet have increased exponentially. But due to the increase in number of websites the chances of getting Adsense Approval has reduced since google gives the Adsense approval to only selected websites. In this post we will discuss about how you can get Adsense approval for a website quickly and easily.

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Below Are some Points to keep in mind before applying for Google Adsense Approval Quickly:

Buy a custom Top Level domain name. (.com or .in etc. )
Add Navigation menus like Contact Us, About Us, etc.
Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts.
Don’t ever use copyrighted images in your blog.
Ensure Your Sidebar looks clean and Professional
Create Social Pages in Social Media like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn etc. to promote your website.

My Google Adsense Approved after 15 Posts in this Website.

As we all know Google Adsense is one of the most trustworthy and best advertising network in the world. Most of us wants to get Adsense approval on our website but getting Adsense Approval is not a simple task. Sometimes it takes much longer time than expected to get Adsense Approval for our website and sometimes we never get Adsense Approval for our website.

Google Adsense is very strict before adding any website to its Adsense Program. You may get rejected once but you can reapply any number of times after fixing the errors Google Adsense provides.

Google Adsense will give you the reason if they do not accept your application and you can check and correct the issues.

Simple Tips Before Applying For Google Adsense

Custom Domain

Try to get the Top level Domain names like .com, .in, .uk etc. It’s very very hard to get approval for free domains like or .

Domain Age

Apply for the Google Adsense after 3-6 months of your Domain name registeration as this much time Gopgle crawler normally takes to index your website properly on the Google Search.

Web Hosting

Most of the Bloggers who are starting new generally use free hosting for their website or they choose very cheap hosting. Remember your hosting provider plays an important role in your website ranking on Google so try to choose good Website Host such as GoDaddy, Hostinger, Hostgator etc.

Content Writing

Try to write articles which are original. This is the most important step. Google will crawl your website and if your content got matched to any other website’s content you would not get Adsense Approval.

Good Navigation Menu

A Good navigation Menu helps Google crawler to crawler your website’s Different sections easily. Remember if you complicate things or provide incomplete or messy info to the crawler it will give your website negative markings.

This will surely affect your website Adsense Approval Application as well as your Google search ranking. Make Privacy Policy Page, Contact Us page, About Us Page which helps Google crawler to better understand your website.

Number of Post

It does not matter how many posts you have in your website but it is advisable to create 10-15 original Post before applying for Google Adsense.

Blog Design

Keep us blog Design very simple and effective. Remember the easy to navigate your blog is the chances to get Adsense Approval increases.

Remove Other Ad Networks

 Remember to remove all other Ad Networks ads from your Website before applying for Google Adsense. If Google found any other Ad Networks it simply rejects your application. You can add other networks after getting Google Adsense Approval.

Minimum Blog traffic

Minimum Hits does not matter. You can get approval even if you are getting 40-50 hits per day. But remember the hits should be genuine. Do not try to fool Google by getting Paid hits. Google is a master and can easily catch your trick.

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If Rejected, Re-apply

It’s Hard to get approval if you are applying for the First time. So if you get rejected do not loose hope. Correct your mistakes and issues which Adsense mentions as the reason for rejection and Re-apply again.


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