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How to invest in mutual funds

You have two options to invest in mutual funds.

Invest in a good old-fashioned offline way :

Look out for some mutual fund advisor in your area and invest using his help. The advisor will make you throgh all the formalities and different plan schemes while investing in a mutual fund.

This is a better way when you are investing first time and you have little or no knowledge about investing in a mutual fund.

Find a mutual fund advisor in your area and invest through it. The advisor will help you with formalities and advice on mutual fund schemes, etc. This is a better way if you are new to mutual funds or not very clear about concepts related to mutual funds and investments.

Second method is to invest online.

This is an option for the people who are well versed with the mutual funds.

However before investing online in mutual funds you have to do some homework.

First all you should have the answer that why are you planning to invest in a mutual fund. It will help you to identify your financial goals.

Next thing is how much time you want to achieve your goal. That will clear out how much you have to invest in mutual fund.

Once you have all the basic facts, you can choose your mutual fund schemes.

To meet Short Term finances : Choose debt mutual funds.

3 year medium Term goals : Conservative Equity Hybrid Funds

5 year goals : Aggressive Hybrid Schemes

Always choose a plan with a consistent performance record. Also, keep an eye on your investment. You should also review their performance.

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