How to use an ATM Card

How to insert an atm card

In this post we will discuss about all the things like how to insert an ATM card, how to carry out the transaction using the ATM card and what are the safety measures we need to follow while using an ATM card. Now a days ATM has become a common thing in most of the household and most of us visits the ATM once in a month for withdrawing money from our account.

Before going further with the discuss let me first tell us the term ATM stands for AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE which means an electronic telecommunications device that enables customers of financial institutions to perform financial transactions, such as cash withdrawals, deposits, funds transfers, or account information inquiries, at any time and without the need for direct interaction with bank staff

Using ATM is one of the easiest way of withdrawing hard cash from the bank. But still there are people who don’t know how to use an ATM card and still afraid of using the ATM card. But believe me it is as easy as using an smartphone.

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If you are comfortable using a smartphone then you can easily understand how to use an ATM card to withdraw money.

So let’s find out how you can use an ATM card to withdraw money from your account.

How to use Debit Card in ATM

Now to use an Atm Card you just have to follow the instruction on the screen.

Just think of a KBC hot seat where you have entered with a wild card (here it is an ATM card) and you will be asked some questions and if you give the correct answer you will get the money.

Some concept applies while you withdraw money from an ATM Card. Now to withdraw money from the ATM just go to the ATM from where you want to withdraw money with your ATM card.

What is the Process to withdraw from an ATM machine

Put the ATM card in the ATM Card Slot. Now you will see the instruction in the screen which will ask you to either remove your card or let it be there until full transaction is completed.

how to insert an atm card

The Atm slot will look like shown in the above picture.

Image credit : Public Domain Vectors

The card chip face should be towards your side and should not be downwards.

As some ATM Slots will release your Card before starting the transaction process and some will hold it until the full transaction is completed or if the transaction is cancelled.

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Now after this you will be asked mainly 4 questions:

Your Atm Pin

Account Type ( Current or Saving ) : Normal accounts are Saving accounts only

Cash Withdrawl / Balance Enquiry / Transaction Statements / and few more

Amount to Withdraw

The questions can come in different order as per the bank. The answers to the above 4 questions are :

Your Atm Pin ( just Type the pin in the number keypad and press enter)

Saving ( normal general accounts are saving Account. Just click the arrow button besides it.)

Cash Withdrawl (Just click the arrow besides it )

Amount ( type the amount from the number keypad)

Now you can collect the cash from the cash slot. Now Click the Cancel button and the transaction completes.

Pressing Cancel button at the end is must as sometimes there is an option to continue after completing your transaction. So keep in mind to press cancel one or more times after completing your transaction.

Point to keep in mind for safety transaction:

Before using an ATM, make sure it is safe to do so:

Just check the ATM slot by holding it tight and just check whether it is original or someone has not put any clone slots above the original slots as there are some cases found recently where cheaters use this technique to clone your card.

Moreover don’t allow anyone to look around your card number or ATM pin. Just keep an eye on any suspicious thing.

Use the ATM only in safe places. Sometimes thieves are hanging around waiting for people who apparently just take out cash.Check the ATM to see if anything seems suspicious.

If anything seems strange inform the bank authorities or police.

I hope this post have cleared most of your doubts about how to use an ATM card to withdraw money.

If you have any doubt then please comment in the comment section.

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