Jiomeet vs Zoom

JioMeet vs Zoom

JIO – after destroying all their Telecom competitors now have an eye to destroy the Chinese conference app, Zoom one of the most common conference app in the market with their new Application JioMeet. Now it is JioMeet vs Zoom in the market. You need to know about free spins for adding card

After releasing JioMeet in the Market, it went viral in no time as the UI of the JioMeet was an exact copy of the Zoom.

But do the two applications similar ? A Big No. Let’s find out how JioMeet beats Zoom in Terms of features……


Since JioMeet is an Indian Application it is far far more secure than the Chinese app Zoom. We all know how insecure was Zoom and how it was monitoring us and sending our sensitive information to China. Even the American and France are thinking of boycotting these application. Government has already banned Zoom for any Government meeting and as advised people to look for other alternatives.

Group Chat Hour Limit

Unlike Zoom which offers 40 minute limit on Group meeting, JioMeet has 24-hour limit for Group meetings,means it is absolutely free as compare to Zoom which charges $15 per month for more than 40 minutes Group Meetings. Now the Teachers who are giving lectures to the students do not need to close and restart the meeting after 40 minutes similarly students will not be restricted to ask limited questions.

Apart from these all the features that Zoom provides are provided by our Home made JioMeet application so it is the best time to be “VOCAL FOR LOCAL” and boycott this Chinese app and switch to our LOCAL app – JIOMEET.

So whose side are you on in this JioMeet vs Zoom war? You can comment in the comment section.

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