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In this post we have share some best online jobs for the year 2020. You can explore the top 3 online jobs for the year 2020 and can start earning from them.

What are the best Online Jobs available?

It is a dream for most of us to lead a lavish lifestyle where we don’t have to think before spending. But due to our financial constraint we leave our dream without even trying to achieve those dreams.

If you have landed on this post while searching for some online sources of income to increase your wealth then you are at correct place. You can achieve all your unfulfilled dreams by earning huge amount from online sources and that too ethically.

All you have to do is to have faith in yourself and believe in the term “ONLINE EARNING” .

Online jobs generally do not have any age,gender constraint. Anyone with confidence on himself and who can do hard work can do really good here.

The three most reliable online sources of income for the year 2020 are:

Facebook Page
Youtube videos

Lets see them in details below:


Blogging is one of the job that has the power to generate the fastest online income moreover with the initially negligible setting cost.

You can also start blogging for free and if you can write really well you can even earn without any setting cost and moreover all your income will be your’s and you don’t have to spend a single penny on hosting if you are using a free blogging server.

Two of the famous free blogging platforms are :

Blogspot ( A Google Product)
WordPress (Famous Blogging Platform)

The only difference between the free and paid blogging website is you will get your choosen domain while in free you will get a subdomain ( eg.

I prefer to choose Blogspot because you can easily connect it with the Adsense as both are Google products and you know how easy it is to link two products of the same company.

In Blogging you can write about the things you like and you have knowledge about. You can write Technical Blogs, Education Blogs, Entertainment Blogs, News Blogs, Health Blogs, Shopping Blogs and much more.

There is no limit and once the audience liked the way you write and start loving your blogs and visiting them on regular basis then you can apply for Google adsense and start earning from your blogs.

There are many people who have left there 9-5 jobs and are earning a lot more from their blogs just by working online and that for only 2-3 hours daily.

Some of the most popular blogs are:

You have surely heard of which is a quite popular blog and our Prime Minister has himself praised that blog.

So if you have some good knowledge in some field then you should try to write blogs on that topic.

And remember sometimes we don’t know about our hidden talent and maybe someone reading this blog will become a great blogger.

After your blog is setup you can add ads,banners on your website(blog) and earn huge money from it.

To read more about blogging follow the below link:

How to earn money with blogging

2. Youtube Videos

You’ve surely heard about it !! In the recent years you have surely witnessed that the amount of youtube content has incresed about 10X times then it was before.

Moreover the number of youtube channels have also increased. This is all due to the profit ( both name, fame and money) which people’s get from that platform.

In the ninety’s there were only few youtubers in India but suddenly then number of Indian youtubers get increased all because they found it was easy to earn from youtube rather than working for a 9-5 jobs.

There are many youtubers in India who are earning 8 figure salary from youtube and thanks to google for creating such a wonderful platform where user can share their videos and earn money using it.

It is one of the job that requires no money at all. All you should have is a good smartphone with good camera quality.

You can make videos on any topic you like and post it on youtube and earn from them. 

To more about Youtube Videos and how to earn from it follow the below link…

How To Earn Money With Youtube

3. Facebook Page

At the present time facebook has become a common thing in India and around the world.

Many peoples use this site to share their moments of joy,sad with their friends using this platform.

At the same time some people used it for making friends around the world and used to chat for hours with them.

But wait do you know that there are some people on facebook who are using this site to earn huge money.

All you have to do is to make a Facebook page on any topic of your choice and yes if your page got popular you can really earn a lot of money.

One such example is RVCJ facebook page which nearly earns about 40-50 lacks per month. 

just follow the below link for more detail…….

How To Earn With Facebook Easily

You can find different blogs on several ways of earning online in this website. Just explore the website and find the best source for online income that can help you start earning online.

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