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Vestige has made its name in the field of networking marketing from the last 16 years of it’s journey. This company has started as a startup in it’s initial day’s now has become multi billionaire industry. Let’s learn some quick facts about Vestige :

Is vestige an Indian company?

Yes Vestige is an Indian Company which was started in 2004.

What is vestige business?

Vestige deals with all kinds of household and daily use essential and non essential products. You can buy foods products, homeopathic medicines, engine oil etc from there. Get more information about free spins for adding card uk

Who is owner of Vestige?

Shri Gautam Bali also known as “Champion of the Century” is the founder and Managing Director of Vestige.

Is vestige No 1 company?

In terms of Direct selling business Yes Vestige is the No. 1 Company in Indian Market.

How Can I Join Vestige ?

To Join vestige you need to take the Distributorship from Vestige. But wait taking Distributorship from Vestige is free of cost and will not cost you even a penny.

Some Eligibility points include :

  1. Individual must be 18 years of age
  2. All Application must be sponsored by existing Distributor
  3. Wife and Husband contribute a single unit for the purpose
  4. Son or unmarried daughter of a distributor can join the Business with their independent ID if the line of sponsorship is under their family*ID. Similarly any of the family members can join under their son/unmarried daughter.

Do Vestige really Pays Well ?

Yes Vestige really pays big if you work hard and consistent. Many peoples are earning lakhs from this business. We all know that we should be consistent and hardworking to earn well in any business and same is the case with Vestige.

How much Time Does it Take to earn From Vestige ?

Technically 0. You will start earning from the Day 1 of your joining if you start working. But this earning will be quite small and to earn huge you need to focus and work consistently and after 1-2 years you will be in a position to earn well.

Do I need to give Full Time to Vestige?

Vestige is a passive income source and hence you do not need to spend much time on Vestige. All you need is to work consistently.

What is the joining fees of Vestige?

0 Ruppees

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