Start a business from home with less money in India

earn money online without investment

Whether you are boy or girl searching for a way to start a business from home with less money in India then this blog is for you. If you want to start something of your own rather than working for others then read the entire blog and find out the ways on how to start your first business without or low investment.

We know that investment is one of the major factors due to which many of startups and businesses shut down even before their start. This blog will discuss all those business which will require zero or very less amount to build up.

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Who can start a business from home

This blog is mostly for the peoples who are working like a mouse in the corporate sector and tired of doing your 9-5 jobs and are looking for the ways to start their own businesses.

What ever be the case the only thing that is required is you really want to earn by being an entrepreneur and not an employee.

Friends we all have that one moment in our life when we think of starting our own venture but due to one reason or the other we drop our plan.

We all know that we get Life for only once and it is our choice whether to give our plan a shot or regretting about not to give it a chance in our later life.

Remember if you fail in you plan then also you will learn a lot from the venture and you will never regret in your life that you haven’t executed your plan once.

” Rome was not built in a day “

If you have a plan for some business you can execute that and if you are looking for some ideas then we will help in finding the right one.

If you are still here, then surely you want to know some of the business strategies which do not require much investment to start.

Below are jobs descriptions on how to start a business from home with less money in India

#1. Earn Online Money from YouTube

I personally believe this is one of the best way to earn money online.

There are lots of reasons for this but the foremost is the trust of Google.

Earn Money with Youtube

You will be paid directly from the google.

This thing can really help you earn millions. Yes, you heard it right it can help you earn millions in a very short span of time. All you need is to have good quality videos and boom you will surely earn.

My friends have started their channels on youtube and earning really huge from this. Now they are thinking to start their own startup company.

Moreover you don’t need to have a degree to earn from the youtube.

If you want to know further info, you can check the below url:

Earn Money Using Youtube

Investment Required : 0

#2. Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

There is really no limit to earn from Facebook, Instagram. If you have good number or followers in these platforms you can easily earn more than 20,000 for a single post or tweet. Yes, you heard it right this much more for a single post.

earn money online without investment

I have discussed the steps to earn money using the Facebook. You can check out the article and let me know if you have any doubt.

Check the below link :

How to Earn Money Using Facebook Page

Investment Required : 0

#3. Income from Writing Work

I never thought I will ever become a writer. I started writing for my startup blog and found a connection with words.

Honestly, I was never good at English and still working on improving my grammar. Today, most of my businesses run based on my writing skills.

An article writing is indeed a very good option to earn online. Reason being, you get the freedom to utilize any of your skill, be it poetry, designing, development, smartphones, parenting, sarcasm, etc. 

You can look out for websites that pay for writing articles and I can name a few to them here: Strong Whispers, Developer Tutorials, Listverse, Scary Mommy, Funds for Writers, etc. (you can Google the list and surely find a lot many to get started.)

An average writer charges 5000-8000rs for an article.

How to create a Blog and Earn Online

Investment Required : 0

#4. Become an Affiliate

This job requires to have good marketing skills and if you are good to convince people to buy product then you are the perfect man for this job.

You can earn a lot than your daily 9-5 job just by working for around 2-5 hours daily.

affiliate marketing

You can apply for the Amazon, Flipkart and other popular eCommerce brand to become an affiliate partner for these companies.

This job is just like asking people to buy product from these sites and for every purchase you will be given commission by these companies.

Investment Required : 0

#5. Open a Momo Shop and Earn

There is no better product than a momo to start business. There is a huge potential in this business to become a Big enterprise. 

Now one can ask how big a business can become just by selling momos.

So let me tell you that a small momos business can be started with a low investment of Rs 30,000/— and has the potential to become as big as Rs 300 crore companies.

Now some can laugh it off, some will think that I do not know what I am writing, etc.

So let me tell you How it can be done. It is very important to read it completely.

Imagine tomorrow you have decided that you want to start a momo business, and you make a plan and with initial capital of Rs 30,000.

Now before going ahead of you have to ask very important question to yourself (That every entrepreneur should ask himself/herself. )

Why customer will buy momos from you

The more and more u ask this question to yourself, the more specific answer you will get.

To get the very specific answer you will experiment with the taste of your momos. 

You will try to make a momo that no one else is making in the market. You might fail, but you will keep on working on the taste of your momos. After few days or months of effort, you will be ready with your product. 

You will get a feedback from your friends and relatives about the taste. They will give you the honest feedback. Once you have got the green signals for your taste.

How to find location for my shop

Next is to find the location to sell this amazing product. But as you are going to start small and have limited funds you cannot open any big food outlet. So what you can do is to open a popup store in some mall(having a good footfall)

Or open small counter like shop in shop type. The next thing to do is to wait for the customers coming in the mall. As you do not have much money to print leaflets, you can take samples of your momos and let the customer try the taste. 

Because you have worked on the taste already, you will be able to acquire customers with every sample.

Slowly people will start talking about your momos, and it will become brand. Once you find the secret to make 1-5 lakh Rs from one counter you will just copy the process at different locations.

With in short spans of time, you will be making crores of revenue.

What do you think now, does it seems possible. What NOOOOOO , it is easy to write but very difficult to accomplish.

Now let me tell you a secret, whatever I told here has already been done by a brand known as WOW MOMOS and made a company worth Rs 300 crore companies, that too by just selling momos.

You can check their website :

Investment Required : 30000 -40000

#6. Open a Coaching Center

Education is forever.

Children in small towns and cities shall always be going to school. Same for big cities.

They are burdened with a lot of work at school and then there are after school studies.

Parents are not able to take care of this aspect either due to lack of time or lack of knowledge. That is where private tuition comes into pictures.

If you like teaching start teaching a few children at home. Once you get the knack of it and the children and their parents are satisfied with your work you are ready to take the next big step.

Convert this into a business.

Rent a suitable space to run the coaching classes near to the place where you live.

Get one or two teachers for subjects other than those which you can teach.

Publicize your classes through your earlier students, their parents, pamphlets and any other means.

Initially the rent maybe eating into your income but as the volumes grow, it would be worthwhile.

You shall be earning money on your efforts as well as the efforts of other teachers while paying them a fixed salary.

Customers for this business (school going children) are never in short supply. It is your skill and quality of education you impart which shall deliver the positive results.

What are growth limits

In this field, there are no limits of growth.

You are limited by your own capabilities and ambitions.

As you grow, you can start coaching for competitive examinations like IIT, Medical Entrance examinations, IAS and other job selection exams like for banking sector.

But it would pay to be focused initially on one particular niche and achieve success in that before branching out.

For examples of success you do not have to go far.

Names like Aakash Institute or Chaitanya Institute command as much respect as a good college would.

You could be owning such a brand with a lot of hard work and some luck.

Investment Required : 60000 -80000

I hope this post will help you to start a business from home with less money in India …..

If you have any query then feel free to comment in the comment section…..

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