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If you are looking for the jobs in IT field which do not require any coding skills then you have landed at the correct post. In this post we will discuss about various Software engineering jobs without programming.

Let me tell you my story, when I was a small child I loved to eat ice cream and play cricket all the day. As I became young and I got in 10th standard my love from cricket shifted to video games and use to play that whenever I had time.

But as the time passes by and I got into 12th I was interested in music. 

After passing 12th as everyone was getting themselves taking admission in the Engineering College so I decided to do Engineering as most of the people told me that it is the best way to get a high paying job in India. 

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Also most of my relatives and known ones suggested me to do Btech in Computer Science as people get a very good package after that so I decided to do Btech in CSE. 

At that time I didn’t know where I would be after completing my engineering. I was just following the herd and not what I like.

After clearing the Engineering in Computer Science, I got placement in a software company. 

And the first day of joining my company I got to work on coding for around 8 hours. After doing the work for the first day, I got really tired and told my self that this is not the path I am meant for. 

But as being a computer Science Graduate it is believed that it is all about coding, I decided to leave that field completely but inner me was saying that I love computers no matter what but there should be something I can do with that.

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At that time I quit the job and started looking out other available opportunities in computer science and found an opportunity as the Digital Marketer. 

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Long story short I am a freelancer now and am earning well through my blogs. In this post I am going to tell you the top 10 career path in computer science that do not involve coding. I hope it will help many like me…


01. Human Resource

Human Resource peoples are in great demand nowadays. These peoples are the gatekeepers or the front face of a company.


Previously there were only MBA graduates in the Human Resource Department but nowadays for the Technical companies the demand for Technical peoples in the HR department are in great demand.

National Average Salary for Technical Recruiters: 5-6 Lakh per annum

02. Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing

As the name suggest it is the marketing of the product on the internet. These people are responsible for the promotion of the product using the social media or other online sources.

They generally promote the products on the Internet using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

This job requires the person to be highly creative.

National Average Salary for Technical Recruiters: 3-4 Lakh per annum

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03. User Interface Designer

This job is very similar to User Experience designer but it gives more importance to the UI design as compare to the UI experience.

They are responsible to design the look and feel of the product. They work from the brainstorming stage of the product to the end till the product is launched in the market.

National Average Salary for UI Designers: 4-5 Lakh per annum

04. User Experience Designer

These people focus on the product designing keeping in mind about how the end user will think or experience.Their main goal is to make the user 100 percent satisfied with the product.

There are generally two sub departments in the User Experience domain, one which focus on the experience Research and other which works on the prototyping of the product.

National Average Salary for UX Designers: 4-5 Lakh per annum

05. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the most common term which most of us who are connected with the computer department have heard about.

Their job is very similar to the Internet or Digital maketing team. Their main work is to rank the website or product on Google’s first top searches as that will increase the sale of the product automatically.

They generally collaborate with the development and web designer team to ensure best SEO techniques are used during their designing and development process.

National Average Salary for SEO Specialists: 5-6 Lakh per annum

06. Software Tester

Software Tester are the people who ensures that the product works perfectly fine before being delivered to the end user.

They job is to find loopholes and bugs in the product by generally sitting with the client during the requirements gathering and test the product if it is fulfilling all the client requirements.

software testing

They test the product manually or using some automation techniques to find the loop holes in the product.

National Average Salary for Software Quality Testers: 6-7 Lakh per annum

07. Data Analyst

This job is perfect for those who loves reading data. If you are interested in reading stats and generating information on the basis of the stats then this job is perfect for you.

This job requires strong mathematical and analytical skill so in case you are planning to move in this field start brushing up your mathematical and analytical skills.

National Average Salary for Data Analysts: 7-8 Lakh per annum

08. Web Analytics

Web analytics is closely related with the SEO and Digital Marketing. They are responsible to analyse the Google Analytics, Products Market Analysis.

They are responsible to visualise the growth and other factors so that it can help the respective departments.

National Average Salary for Web Analytics Specialist: 6-7 Lakh per annum  

09. Enterprise Software Sales

This jobs is highly lucrative jobs for the peoples who are good in sales as it can provide commissions and bonuses in case there is growth in sales.

Software as a service sale, more typically known as ‘SaaS sales’ functions primarily as business-to-business (B2B) service.

Since this jobs gives good commission and bonuses at that same time it involves travelling and extra working so in case you are a family guy then you should stay away from it.

National Average Salary for Enterprise Software Sales: 7-8 Lakh per annum

10. Growth Hacker

Also known as a “user acquisition specialist,” growth hackers fall under the larger umbrella of marketing, as well.

This is a new domain in the market generally found in the startups which works primarily on the user acquisition.

They work on to implement on boarding strategies,measure result,engage with consumers,find new customers etc. The person should be very dynamic to succeed in this role.

National Average Salary for Growth Hackers: 7-8 Lakh per annum

10. Tech Support Specialist

It is the last hope for the people who do not get any job in their field. This field is 24*7 and 365 days active.

You can easily get job in Tech support all you need is to work on to improve your English skills. Some tech support jobs don’t even need a degree.

This is good for those who can speak constantly and engage other peoples. If you are some sort of introvert then you will face some problem initially.

National Average Salary for Tech Support Specialists: 5-6 Lakh per annum

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