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Debate Topic for Students

Debate Topics for Schools and colleges

Educational Debate Topics

A college degree is essential for getting a good job.
Are student loans exploits the students?
Education loans should not have interest rate?
Is Homeschooling better than traditional schooling.
colleges should be free for everyone, Agree or not?
Homework increases burden on childhood
Girls are more smart than Boys
Teachers should be allowed to carry sticks with them.
Schools should also teach Sex Education
Education should focus on every subject rather than Maths and Physics.
Books should be given on rent to students rather than asking them to purchase them.
Cell phones should not be allowed in Schools.
Privatization of Education is required.
Impacts of Teaching religion in Schools.
Fast Food should not be allowed in schools.
Sports should be made mandatory for every students in Schools.
Students should be taught about STD's in schools.
Private Schools are better than Governments Schools.
Co-Ed schools are better than single gender Schools
Management Quota seats should be banned in Schools.
Nowadays Boarding school is not good for students
Studying a second language should be compulsory.
School uniforms should be mandatory.
School Teachers should be paid as much as College Professors.

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Political Debate Topics

Politics should be kept out of schools.
Presidential terms should be limited to two years instead of four.
Voting should be mandatory for all citizens.
Should illegal immigrants be treated as criminals?
Rich people and large corporations should pay more taxes.
The West should lift all sanctions on Iran (or North Korea).
The US should abolish the electoral college.
The country should allow more refugees to enter.
The British Monarchy should be abolished.
Should your country make a land claim on Antarctica?
Should the U.N. have a standing army?
The U.S. should intervene in overseas conflicts.
Should there be limits on the First Amendment (free speech)?
Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
Juries should include 24 jurors instead of 12.
Is the US voting system democratic?
Is patriotism ultimately destructive to international relations?
Is owning an automatic weapon morally justifiable?
Is freedom of speech a necessity in a functional society?
Communism is not a good political ideology.
Churches should pay taxes.
All people should be able to own guns.
Britain should leave the European Union

Social Debate Topics

Should insurance cover cosmetic procedures?
Social media does more harm than good.
Marijuana should be legalized.
The death penalty should be abolished.
Sex work should be legal.
Should genetic engineering be legal?
Police should be allowed to use deadly force.
Is feminism irrelevant in the 21st century?
The government should provide free birth control.
Is graffiti art just as worthy of regard as classical paintings?
Smoking should be banned.
Is privacy important?
We're living in a dystopian society.
Healthcare should be universal.
The harms of patriotism outweigh the benefits.
Peer pressure is a good thing.
The minimum wage should be lowered (or raised).
Should human cloning be legalized?
Religion does more harm than good.
Has the #MeToo movement gone too far?
Euthanasia should be legal.
Gay people should be allowed to adopt children.
Feminism should focus more on men's rights.
Gay marriage should be legalized.
Drug use should be treated as a mental health issue rather than a criminal offense.
Drug addicts should be helped rather than punished.
Companies should be required to hire 50% male and 50% female employees.
Censorship is sometimes warranted on the internet.
Can censorship ever be justified?
Barbie is a good role model for young girls.
Abortion should be available to all women.
Burning the flag should be illegal.

Environmental Debate Topics

Zoos should be banned.
The sale of fur should be banned.
The best way to combat climate change is for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint.
Plastic bags and packaging should be banned.
Nuclear energy is the solution to the overconsumption of fossil fuels.
More land should be dedicated as national parks.
Live animal exports should be banned.
Is tourism beneficial to an environment?
Is the Paris Agreement relevant anymore?
Is organic farming the future of agriculture?
Genetically modified foods (GMOs) should be banned.
Fracking should be banned.
Everyone should be vegetarian.
Companies should be taxed on their carbon emissions and other negative environmental impacts.
Animals should have the same rights as humans.
Climate change is the greatest threat in human history.

Technology Debate Topics

Technology will be man's downfall.
We should invest more money into space exploration.
What's better: traditional or online education?
Robots should have rights.
Should humans colonize other planets?
Should individuals own their own DNA?
Will the development of artificial intelligence harm or benefit humankind?
Is technology the opposite of nature? (Are technology and nature diametrically opposed?)
Is the use of technology changing people for the better. . . or worse?
Should a person's social media be considered by school admissions, police investigations, and potential employers?
Is technology making people dumber. . . or smarter?
Is technology going to save the world. . . or kill it?
Has social media benefitted or harmed people’s social lives?
All cars should be electric.
Are robots going to increase or decrease our quality of life?
Artificial intelligence is dangerous.
Does social media improve or impede communication?


Violent video games should be banned.
Pop music is the best kind of music.
Reality television is harming society.
Should fines be scaled depending on income?
Should alcohol be sold after 10 pm?
Gaming should be considered a sport.
Unpaid internships should be against the law.
Parents should be able to choose the sex of their child.
Parents should be able to refuse medical treatment for their children.
Parents should limit the amount of time their children spend on technology.
Parents should be able to choose their child's hair color.
Human cloning should be legalized.
Is bad parenting to blame for childhood obesity?
Dance should be considered a sport.
Can animal testing be justified?
Children should be exposed to technology.
Beauty pageants should be banned.
Advertising should be banned during children's programs.
Alternative medicines should be banned.

Google Adsense Quick Approval

How to get Adsense Approval Quickly

Below Are some Points to keep in mind before applying for Google Adsense Approval Quickly:

Buy a custom Top Level domain name. (.com or .in etc. )
Add Navigation menus like Contact Us, About Us, etc.
Have at least 10-15 well-written blog posts.
Don't ever use copyrighted images in your blog.
Ensure Your Sidebar looks clean and Professional
Create Social Pages in Social Media like Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn etc. to promote your website.

My Google Adsense Approved after 15 Posts in this Website.

As we all know Google Adsense is one of the most trustworthy and best advertising network in the world. Most of us wants to get Adsense approval on our website but getting Adsense Approval is not a simple task. Sometimes it takes much longer time than expected to get Adsense Approval for our website and sometimes we never get Adsense Approval for our website.

Google Adsense is very strict before adding any website to its Adsense Program. You may get rejected once but you can reapply any number of times after fixing the errors Google Adsense provides.

Google Adsense will give you the reason if they do not accept your application and you can check and correct the issues.

Simple Tips Before Applying For Google Adsense

Custom Domain

Try to get the Top level Domain names like .com, .in, .uk etc. It's very very hard to get approval for free domains like or .

Domain Age

Apply for the Google Adsense after 3-6 months of your Domain name registeration as this much time Gopgle crawler normally takes to index your website properly on the Google Search.

Web Hosting

Most of the Bloggers who are starting new generally use free hosting for their website or they choose very cheap hosting. Remember your hosting provider plays an important role in your website ranking on Google so try to choose good Website Host such as GoDaddy, Hostinger, Hostgator etc.

Content Writing

Try to write articles which are original. This is the most important step. Google will crawl your website and if your content got matched to any other website's content you would not get Adsense Approval.

Good Navigation Menu

A Good navigation Menu helps Google crawler to crawler your website's Different sections easily. Remember if you complicate things or provide incomplete or messy info to the crawler it will give your website negative markings.

This will surely affect your website Adsense Approval Application as well as your Google search ranking. Make Privacy Policy Page, Contact Us page, About Us Page which helps Google crawler to better understand your website.

Number of Post

It does not matter how many posts you have in your website but it is advisable to create 10-15 original Post before applying for Google Adsense.

Blog Design

Keep us blog Design very simple and effective. Remember the easy to navigate your blog is the chances to get Adsense Approval increases.

Remove Other Ad Networks

 Remember to remove all other Ad Networks ads from your Website before applying for Google Adsense. If Google found any other Ad Networks it simply rejects your application. You can add other networks after getting Google Adsense Approval.

Minimum Blog traffic

Minimum Hits does not matter. You can get approval even if you are getting 40-50 hits per day. But remember the hits should be genuine. Do not try to fool Google by getting Paid hits. Google is a master and can easily catch your trick.

Generate Genuine Traffic Quickly

If Rejected, Re-apply

It's Hard to get approval if you are applying for the First time. So if you get rejected do not loose hope. Correct your mistakes and issues which Adsense mentions as the reason for rejection and Re-apply again.


how to be a developer in 21st century

how to become an Advanced Programmer

Curiosity makes a developer, If you are curious about things, If you are giving time to learn about how to create instead of how to code, then you are already a developer or and advance programmer. In this post we will learn the tips and tricks on "how to become Advanced programmer" so stay on and fasten your seat belts to go on a journey where you will be transferred from a normal coder to advance programmer.

The definition of a advance programmer was tweaked due to lots of channels creating ambiguity between a Programmer and a Advance Programmer. Advance Programmer can be a good Programmer, but vice-versa is not always true.

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There are some keys points or dots that need to be connected to become an Advanced Programmer.

Advance Programmer Life Always Revolves Around Why and How

Why things are being created and how they are being created, Advance Programmer's always focused on what and how things can be created to solve a particular problem.

Learning Phase for Advance Programmers is Like Never Ending

They always learn from their past experiences. The only thing of Advance programmer makes them a Advance is their consistency and dedication they put along their learning period.

The first attempt of doing any project by any developer does not go perfectly ever. Things cannot be perfectly done till the time you have experienced it on your own, Even if things are working perfectly fine.

Things are not said to be perfect till the time you are not aware from each and every side of it

How to Get Started? From Where to Start?

These kinds of question arise when someone wants to start. These question can be answered only when you will decide what are the goals you want to achieve. Goals do not mean lifelong goals, It is all about the short-term goal that you want to achieve in a particular time of span.

A Advance Programmer must have patience this is one of the gems of a developer Because there can be lot’s of situations or almost every part where developer get stuck when they start or moving towards achieving their goals, As I mentioned earlier Developer life is never so easy or there is nothing which can be learned overnight.

A developer must not hate the errors and bugs, These are the main players from which a developer learn the most. The more errors you face more experience you gain

If coal doesn't bear the pressure, then it will never become a diamond

In developer’s life, It’s like the more you learn the curiosity of learning more will arises, again and again. It’s like a never-ending process.


SSC CHSL Registeration 2019 – 2020

SSC CHSL Exam EventsSSC CHSL Exam Dates 2019-2020
NotificationDecember 3, 2019
Application formsDecember 3, 2019-January 10, 2020 (till 11:59 PM)
Last date for online fee paymentJanuary 12, 2020 (till 11:59 PM)
Last date for generation of offline challanJanuary 14, 2020 (till 11:59 PM)
Last date for application fee payment through challanJanuary 16, 2020
Tier- I ExamMarch 16-27, 2020
Tier-II ExamJune 28, 2020

Documents/Information Required for Applications

Below are the details required to be submitted while filling the registeration form. So it is advised to keep all the mentioned details before filling the registeration form for SSC CHSL 2019-2020 .

Mobile number
Class X certificate
Scanned signature
ID proof (Aadhaar card/voter ID card/PAN card/Passport/driving license/school ID/college ID/ employer ID)  
Scanned colour passport size recent photograph
Email ID
Disability certificate number (if applicable)

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How to Apply Online for SSC CHSL 2019-2020?

To Apply for the SSC CHSL 2019-2020 follow the below mentioned steps:

If you already have an Account you can skip the first 2 steps and directly jump to the step 3 by logging into your registered account.

Step 1: Fill SSC Registration Form

Fill SSC CHSL 2019-2020registration form here -

Firstly, candidates need to fill SSC CHSL registration form available on the official website of the commission. For the same, candidates can follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Visit the official website of SSC –
2. Click on the "New User? Register Now" link
3. Fill SSC CHSL registration form
Following details are needed while filling application form
Candidate’s name
Father’s name
Mother’s name
Date of birth
Email ID
Permanent address
Class X education board
Class X year of passing
Class X roll number
Level of educational qualification
ID number
Mobile number

After filling all the details click the Save button to move to the next step.

Step 2: Upload Scanned Photo & Signature

The next step is to upload the recent scanned colored photograph and signature in the JPEG format in the specification mentioned in the below table.

SSC CHSL DocumentFile DimensionsFile Size
Photo3.5 cm (width) x 4.5 cm (height)20-50 KB
Signature4.0 cm (width) x 3.0 cm (height)10-20 KB

Step 3: Pay SSC CHSL 2019-2020 Application Fee

Candidates can check the current available examinations in their registered account and can click the Apply now button for SSC CHSL. After clicking the Apply now button you will get an application form which will be pre filled with some of the details given by you during the Account registeration. Fill the required details and click the Submit button.

Step 4: Pay SSC CHSL 2019-2020 Application Fee

You can pay the SSC CHSL 2019-2020 by two modes:

offline mode SBI challan
online mode BHIM UPI/internet banking or by using credit/debit card of Visa/Mastercard/Maestro/RuPay

Remember Women and reserved category are exempted from fee payment.

Category SSC CHSL 2019-2020 Application Fee
General/Other Backward Class (OBC)Rs 100
Women (of all categories)/Scheduled Caste (SC)/Scheduled Tribe (ST)/Persons with Disability (PwD)/Ex-Servicemen (ESM)Nil

After successfully paying the application fees the SSC CHSL application process is complete. Take the printout of application form for future reference.

SSC CHSL 2019-2020 Application Form Correction

SSC CHSL does not allow you to change your details after filling the application form. So before clicking the final submit it is advicable to all the Candidate to cross check their details.

How to Re-Generate Registration Password for ?

You can regenerate the SSC CHSL password by following the below mentioned steps:

Visit the official website of SSC
Click on the Forgot Password link
Select the permanent state
Enter registered email ID/ mobile number
Click on Submit

On clicking the button, candidates will be able to generate the new login password.   

SSC CHSL Application Form 2019-2020: Important Points to Remember

Important points to keep in mind about the SSC CHSL 2019-2020 Online application are :

1Candidates are adviced to fill the application much before the last date as during last date their website crashing chances are more.
2 Avoid any mistakes while filling the application form as you cannot change it after filling the application process.
3If you forget to pya the application fess before last day your application will get rejected.
4Details such as name, father’s name, mother’s name, date of birth and Class X information should filled exactly as recorded in the class X certificate

5 Candidates should take the printout of the completed online form for future reference.

Common Questions regarding SSC-CHSL 2019-2020

Q: When will SSC CHSL 2019-2020 application form be released?

A: The forms are already released on December 3,2019 and last day for registeration is 10 January 2020.

Q: What is the application fee for SSC CHSL exam?

A: Application fees for SSC CHSL 2019-2020 exam is 100 rs. Women and reserved category peoples are exempted from fee payment.

Q: How can I check the status of my CHSL application form?

A: After submitting the form you can check the status of your SSC-CHSL 2019-2020 in your registered account.

Q: Can I edit the application form of SSC CHSL later?

A: No you cannot make any change after submitting the application form. So try to fill the form without any errors. 

Q: I want to withdraw my application for SSC CHSL exam. Is the application fee refundable?

A: No , fees once paid is non refundable.

Q: What is the minimum qualification required to apply for SSC CHSL 2019-2020 exam?

A: 12th pass from a recognised board.

Q: Is there any age limit to apply for SSC CHSL ?

A: Yes, minimum age is 18 years and maximum age is 27 years.

Q: Can I pay the application fee in offline mode?

A: Yes you can pay the application fee offline by using SBI challan.  

Q: I lost my offline bank challan. How can I re-print it?

A: In your registered account you can click the Download Offline Challan link to re-print the offline bank challan.

Q: Is Aadhaar card mandatory to apply for exam?

A: Aadhar Card is not mandatory. You can use other Ids to apply for the SSC CHSL 2019-2020.

Q: Where can I fill the application form for the exam?

A: You can follow the below mentioned link of the Staff Selection website to fill the application form -

How to Create a Website for Free and Earn Money

Hi, Everyone we are back with our new post. We have been receiving constant request from our followers to write about about how to create a website for free and earn money with it.

So we look for all the best possible ways to create a create a website for free and earn money. After looking for a while we came to the conclusion that the best possible ways to create a website for free and earn money are 3 of the following :

000webhost, blogger, WordPress

All these websites allow you to create your website with their subdomain.

How to Generate Traffic for a Website

For example, WordPress allows you to create a website with the subdomain

These websites are easy to make and you do not have to pay even a penny for creating the websites.

Moreover, you can also apply for the AdSense for these websites and if your websites are generating good traffic then you can earn good income from these websites.

After using all these websites for a while we found that Google Blogger is the best among all the above websites for creating a free website and generating income from it.

If you are creating a website with Google Blogger than you will get the subdomain for your website. So your website url would look like

Also since Google Blogger and Google AdSense are the product of the same company hence it is easy to integrate Google AdSense with your Google Blogger websites.

I have created this demo website using Google Blogger: .

How To create a free Website using Google Blogger and Earn money

For creating a website with Google Blogger all you need is a Google Account( Google follows the policy - One Account for All) and now a days it is common that everyone has a gmail or youtube account.

Now, Visit the Domain or Search for Google Blogger in Google.

Sign in on the Blogger Website.

Now you will see the following like screen.

Now on the left side corner you will see the option for creating a new blog.

Click the option.....

Now choose the title and the address of the Blog you are creating and the theme you want to use...

Choose the address and title wisely as it affects the Seo of the blog.

After selecting the Domain and Title wisely click the Create Blog button.

Now your new Blog is ready. Now at the top you will see all the option to create a new Post.

In the left side bar you will get all the options like Stats, Comments, Earning etc.

Now in the Stats you can see how your blog is performing once it gets good hits you can apply for adsense in this blog.

In the upcoming Blog I will teach you how to apply for Google Adsense with a Google blog and earn money.

Stay tuned.